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banner-images-Kon by this-is-vegapunk
Another image for a banner (like the last) but this time it is of Kon! You can see she has the carry over of pink hair like Aria, except it gets red-orange tips and floats upwards when she's in charge of Aria's body. 
Drawn and colored in Adobe Photoshop 7. 
Aria-banner-image by this-is-vegapunk
A colored image of Aria from my current webcomic, Jinxed! ( Finally, now fans know what color Aria's hair is supposed to be! :D
Drawn and colored in Adobe Photoshop 7. 
Hiya Everyone! 
Just wanted to let you know that I'll be adding a whole bunch of new pages of Jinxed to DA this week! Chapter 0 is already up, but Chapter 1 is complete and we're already on page 10 of Chapter 2 on the website, 

Your ad box has been suspended…

This morning over my mug of coffee I received a little note from Project Wonderful, the company in charge of the ad space used on The little note started with the very blunt phrase, “your ad box has been suspended…” It hasn’t been suspended for anything offensive or illegal, just merely the fact that (at the moment) there are fewer than ten unique visit hits a day to the site. In honesty, I may be the only one visiting, and that’s when I update. Oh dear!

After reading through the e-mail, I decided that this was a growth opportunity. Project Wonderful gives a rather detailed list of things website owners can do to improve page visits, and after reading through them it reflected on what I had been doing successfully, and what I haven’t been doing. So, I thought I would create my own little list of things and share them with you, because I know there are others in the same boat as me, or one day will be.

    1.       More media presence.

This is very easily what I need to work on the most because in reality I’m a rather private person. It’s a struggle to feel confident enough to put my work out in the open where it can be looked at by others. I know many other artists struggle with the same issue too. So, I just need to get over my phobia of criticism and just put my artwork out there.

There is also a difference, I have learned, from plastering a bunch of daily sketch exercises on social media versus cultivating reader connections on sites like DeviantArt or SmackJeeves. At the moment, there are very few people I talk to about comics and have few artist friends. I’m working all the time and don’t think to read other peoples’ work or be active in the artist community, and my work is suffering from that.

    2.       Consistent, quality, and satisfaction:

This is something I remember Brad Guigar of Webcomics Weekly talking about back when that podcast was still running. You have to consistently update on time, have quality work, and the readers need to be satisfied reading your stuff. I need to work on consistency with updates, and I always think the quality of my work is less than stellar (that may be an artist thing). Don’t know about the satisfaction portion, what readers I do have don’t really tell me anything besides “it’s good” and leave it at that.


    3.       Up my art game!  

I love manga, and hope to one day have this work published in a large shonen magazine like Shonen Jump or Shonen Sunday. However, I’m far from the quality of work that the editors are looking for in shonen manga. This comes from consistent work and gradual, natural improvement.

In addition to the above though, I also want to produce something that contributes to the manga/comics market. You can very easily see the Eiichiro Oda/ One Piece influence on Jinxed because he is a mangaka I look up to. However, I don’t want to just copy him! I want to develop my own style and grow from there. So, I need to up my art game!

Hopefully if I follow these self-made rules Jinxed can grow as a manga series and create a dedicated reader base. In six months I’ll write an update on how things are going and we’ll see if there has been any improvement!


PS: I just realized that Jinxed on my DA account is two chapters behind! Yeah, we're already on Chapter Two guys! Check it out on 

Daily Sketch 2.20.15 by this-is-vegapunk
Daily Sketch 2.20.15
Daily sketch for today, 2.20.15. It's Aria riding a mushroom turtle. What would you call it? A Mushle? Turroom? 

The end of Grey

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 7:08 AM

As you may have noticed, I'm changing things up on my DA account. This is because I decided to cease working on Miss Grey, a comic project that I've been working on for better part of a decade.

Sometimes if you love something you just have to let it go. Miss Grey wasn't working out as planned, even after giving it the ol' college try, and I was getting burnt out. Is this the end of Grey? Probably not. But I want to refine my writing skills so I can write a story plot that does her character, and all the other characters, justice.

Look forward to my next graphic novel project, Jinxed, which will be out January 1st, 2015.


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